About Paula Keast


With an inspired take on real estate and an enthusiasm for helping others I connect with clients and provide them with the best service possible. I have built my career on honesty, integrity, and thoughtfulness as a full-time real estate agent working with people of all levels of experience.
When buying, or selling, understanding the value of a property can be tricky for some and that is why working with a professional, licensed real estate agent can be an asset to you! Navigating the current real estate market can be intimidating and it is my job to facilitate, negotiate, provide information, listen well, and be available to you for your questions and concerns.

When you list with me you can count on professional photography, advertising across Canada, and provincial-wide realtor networking - all at no cost to you.
As a property purchaser you can look forward to equally thorough and thoughtful service. It is my intention to provide you with guidance, even when the news is not great. It is a big decision and deserves proper devotion.

As a seller there are little things you can do to increase the demand and the final selling price of your property while keeping your costs low.
On the flip side with my buyers strategy together we’ll find you a property you love at a price you love.. added bonus > most times (almost always) the seller pays the bill for our services which means no charge for you!
Let's get started! Send me a message now.
Enjoy the process - get great results.